White Oak Sink Hike

  • Posted: Wednesday, January 1, 2014, 6:49 pm

White Oak Sink WaterfallWhite Oak Sink Waterfall

One of my son's favorite hikes in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is to White Oak Sink. This is one of the lesser-known trails in the park and originates off the Schoolhouse Gap Trail on Laurel Creek Road in Townsend. The entire hike is relatively easy and short at approximately two miles.

The waterfall falls into a caveThe waterfall falls into a cave

White Oak Sink is especially beautiful in early spring when the ground is covered in blue phlox making is look like a fairyland. But even on this cold New Year's Day in the middle of winter with no wildflowers, the hike to the waterfall at the end of the trail is still rewarding and stays on our favorite list.

Lined trail in the basinLined trail in the basin

White Oak Sink WaterfallWhite Oak Sink Waterfall

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