Gadget: Rivetville's Resident Chiweenie

Gadget was found wandering down a four lane highway early one morning several years ago. Janet watched in horror as she was almost hit by cars that didn't see her. She pulled in the middle of the intersection, stopped, opened her car door and there stood this tiny dog looking up at her soaking wet and shaking like a leaf. By the time an exhaustive and unsuccessful search for her owner was over, it was obvious Gadget had found her real home.

Terry said that God must have decided that we needed a little gift that day and that we have to take care of gifts from God. So, Gadget was nursed from a malnourished 8 pounds to a healthy 12 pounds and in the process became the queen of the house. Her favorite things are Janet's lap, peanut butter, laying in the sun, and burrowing under soft blankets. Life is good when you're the queen. We tell her she is going to wear her tail out, the only time it isn't wagging is when she is asleep.

Now it's time for her to become a resident of Rivetville. We have no idea how she will take to life on the road but we feel confident that as long as we're together she'll continue to be one happy Chiweenie.

Chiweenie (noun). A small dog breed mix between a Dachshund and Chihuahua.