Time to begin again

  • Posted: Monday, January 1, 2024, 12:58 pm

Begin 2024Begin 2024

2024. Time for us to begin again. It’s been a while.

When we retired at the beginning of 2020, we had big travel dreams. Serious wanderlust. We initially hit the road with a bang. Then, as it often happens, life threw us a curve.

My (Janet) independent, strong-willed Mom started needing more and more help so we paused our plans and spent the better part of the last three years taking care of her. Sadly she passed away in October.

Caring for and losing an elderly parent is hard. Worse, it is deeply heartbreaking. It wounds you in ways you never could expect. Even through the heartbreak, we’re thankful we were able to take care of her. There is nothing we would do differently. In her words, “Life goes on.” Also in her words, “Go while you can.” So we will take her words to heart, we will pick up, try to heal along the way, and go while we can.

We plan to be on the road most of 2024 and hope to see many of you along the way. Your travel posts during the past few years have inspired us and provided a bright spot during a difficult time. We feel like we know many of you without ever meeting in person.

We hope if you see us out and about you will stop and say hi. We would enjoy that.

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