Cumberland Mountain State Park

  • Posted: Monday, September 23, 2013, 7:58 pm

Cumberland Mountain State Park CampsiteCumberland Mountain State Park Campsite

I grew up in East Tennessee but for some reason I just never spent much time in Cumberland Mountain State Park. Last month, my parents requested a day trip to the Cumberland County Playhouse to see a Johnny Cash play in celebration of their 64th wedding anniversary and while there we had lunch at the park restaurant overlooking the beautiful park bridge. Immediately we knew that we had come back for a weekend soon.

Cumberland Mountain State Park Campsite

This was our first official camping trip after getting home from picking up our new Airstream from Colonial Airstream in Lakewood, New Jersey. And lucky us, we inadvertently picked the weekend for the annual Homestead Apple Festival.

It was a very good first trip with lots of valuable lessons learned for a couple of newbies:

  • wimpy wheel chocks are just flat dangerous;
  • if you don't like your assigned spot don't hesitate to ask for a different spot;
  • be prepared for heavy rain at all times; and
  • we're not very happy campers without wifi :-)   

A little early fall colorA little early fall color

Although we have a lot to learn, our new Airstream is already a pro.  There is nothing about her that isn't amazing.


Cumberland Mountain State Park BridgeCumberland Mountain State Park Bridge

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